Welcome to the official tribute site to America's great distance/endurance rider and early-day champion of the Mustang horse: Frank T. Hopkins. This site is a tribute to the legend and lore of Frank Hopkins, and a celebration of the horses, Spanish Mustangs, that he rode then, and we ride today.

Biographer Charles B. Roth considered him the "supreme rider." Famed western historian J. Frank Dobie listed him in his homage to the country's best and last true mustangers, and Albert Harris dedicated two chapters to him in his famed book,
Blood of the Arab.

According to the U.S. Remount Service Journal of 1936, he competed in and won over 400 long-distance races, including a legendary 3,000-mile endurance ride across the Arabian Desert in 1890 on his mustang stallion, Hidalgo. Now a popular Touchstone Pictures' movie has been based on his life and legend.

On this site, sponsored by the Horse of the Americas registry and the Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM), we will get a glimpse into Hopkins' life and career as recounted in books and articles by such historians as Dobie and Dr. Ruy D'Andrade; we will also share excerpts from Hopkins' long-lost, unpublished typescripts; and today's mustang preservationists, distance riders, old-time cowboys, authors, and historians will share thoughts on Frank T. Hopkins and how his legend and legacy continues to inspire.

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